Monday, 30 October 2017

The Best Happy New Year Shayari: Go Deep Inside Your Loved One’s Eart

The Best Happy New Year Shayari: Go Deep Inside Your Loved One’s Eart

New year is the time when people wishes one another. All of them stays happy on that special day.  Friends do celebrate the day with fun and frolic.  Happy new year shayari has great impact on people with all age groups. Do you know what is shayari? It is Urdu poetry which has taken a musical form. This delivers deep feeling of an individual’s thought process. It sounds interesting when a shayar do shayari in front of the mass. Urdu is one of the sweetest language that is spoken in India.  All the well-known poets as well as scholars practice these Shayari. They also have created some of those Urdu musical poetry for the occasion of New year.
Happy new year shayari
Happy new year shayari 2018

List of Happy New Year Shayari

Happy New Year Shayari

1.  Ak Naya saal mei mauj baraste ho
Mohabbat k din aur pyar bhari raate ho
Geela shikwa mit jaye sada ke liye
App Sabhi ke dilo mein khusi chahein ho

Happy New Year Shayari

2.  Aap humare saath na sahi par maan me rahte hai,
Isliye mera dil har dard sahte hai,
Soocha ke aap humse pehle na wish kardo
Isliye humm apko pehle Happy New Year kehte hai
Happy New Year Shayari

3.  Kabhi app hasti hai toh kabhi humm rulati hai
Ye zindagi Bina kehkey kitne raang bheet dete hai
Humm Haste hai phir Bhi ankhon mein nami Chalakti hai
Na Jaane ye kya waqt hai Jo di mein behet jaati hai
Duakarte hai hum, is naye saal per
Mere shab doston k labon per muskurahate rahey jaye
Kyuki aapkey har muskurahat humey khusi de jatey hai
Happy New year 2018
Happy New Year Shayari

4.  January Chala, February bhi gayi
Gaye humari saalon ki saare tyohar
Naye saal ki aaney par jhoomey sara sansar
Jiski apko besabri se raha intezaar 
Kushal mayee hoo apke liye ye nayi 2018 ka saal

Happy New Year 2018 Shayari

5. Naye saal aaye, uski pehli Kiran
Jab yeh kiran darwaze par dastak de
Tab Itna he Usye Kehna….
K intezar ke saarey deep jalaye
Hum Sirf Tumhaain yaad hartey hai,  
Ab Bhi Aas Ka Daaman Thame
Happy New year ko welcome karey

The above mentioned Happy new year shayaris are exclusively for you.  Whether you wish to send them to your loved one or friends, you will get a good variety over here. There are some Urdu poets which is used in a general sense. Those can be easily used to get a generalized message sending process. You all must be busy in your work. Making a shayari, poetry or good wishes on your own becomes hard. All you must do over here is use the above-mentioned quotations. These are very effective for people with all age range. 

How to convey Happy new year shayaris?

There are not one but several ways to convey shayaris. Today, internet and smart phones has made our lives easy. You can easily send the Happy new year shayari through your short message service ( sms). These days, people use message apps, WhatsApp. These short urdu poetry with deep meaning can be sent through this app. Today, people are inclined towards social media. You can easily send these quotes through fb posts.

Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Happy New Year Resolution 2018: Make Your Mind And Body Healthy

Happy New Year Resolution 2018: Make Your Mind And Body Healthy

New Year brings new thoughts and challenges in mind. The New Year’s resolution is about allowing another chance to yourself. People wish to strike off all negative habits in the present year. They want to forget all mishaps and nightmares of previous year. The new sun of the New Year is very inspiring. It will bring positive energy in your mind. Rather, you will get a new meaning of life. It is the habit of many people to take resolutions in the eve of New Year. They want to rectify themselves and become a good human being in the approaching year.
New Year’s resolution
Happy New Year Resolution 2018

Top New Year’s Resolution

Different people have different thought process. Also, the negative situations and sufferings of each one of you in the previous year is different. Thus, the New Year’s resolution will actually differ from one person to another. Following are some of them:
  • Start consuming too much junk food
  • Get a chart from dietitian and consume food accordingly
  • Try to quit smoking
  • Drink very less alcohol
  • Give more time to your family
  • Try to come back early from office
  • Start saving money
  •  Go for total health checkup once in two to three months 

Benefits of New Year’s Resolution

You can now find several benefits of the resolution you have taken for the New Year. All these resolutions are taken to make an individual perfect. This helps in removing the negative aspect of their life. Some of them follow these New Year’s resolutions for a day or two. There after the lifestyle becomes same as before. But, this is not going to be good for you. If you have taken a resolution, try to follow it. You can write your schedules in your personal diary if you forget. Make your will power really strong. You will absolutely head a healthy and stable life after following the positive resolutions you have taken for the upcoming year.

New Year’s Resolution For Health

Today, people have changed their lifestyle too much. This has created ups and downs in their health factors. This is the time to take the New Year’s resolution where staying healthy is an ultimate mantra. Some of you have a habit of consuming junk food in the evening. This happens when you are released from office and you are very hungry. Those foods may be tasty but you absolutely don’t have an idea on how they are affecting your health as a whole. Thus, it’s time to take a resolution to avoid junk food. If you are hungry, buy some biscuits and have it for the time being. Once you reach home, you can prepare some healthy food and consume.  The next part of your health related resolution would be exercise. You have to stay fit and be energetic. The best thing that you can do for this is workout. If you are unable to do cardio exercise, go for simple morning work and jogging. This will keep your body tuned with proper blood circulation. Take this seriously and execute in 2018.

Summary - Do you wish to change your life in positive way? New Year’s resolutions are the promise you do to yourself to stay away from all the evils that you had in the last year. This will keep your health and mind refreshed. It is time to follow all such promise without backing out.

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Happy New Year 2018 Food Items: Celebrate The New Year With Tasty Treat

Happy New Year 2018 Food Items: Celebrate The New Year With Tasty Treat

Food is something which we always enjoy. People just need a reason to have delicious food. We celebrate several occasions throughout the year. In every occasion, the best thing we like is the food.  During the new year eve, we make great plans and even implement the same. Some of you may like sweet dishes where as others are fond of spicy and hot varieties. Let us discuss some Happy new year 2018 food items that will suit the taste of different people in the society.

Top food dishes for happy new year 2018

1.       Baked Biscuit Wreath Dip

Happy new year 2018 food items

Baked Biscuit Wreath Dip

Who would not like creamy and crunchy tasty treat? The baked biscuit wreath dip is a food item which you can serve your guest hot. This includes shredded mozzarella, mayonnaise, crumbled Parmesan, etc. You can do it pan fried, thus there is no need of using microwave. You can either cut them to pieces or serve your guests in plate. You can sprinkle cheese over it and serve with tomato sauce.

2.       Garlic Parsley Butter Shrimp

Garlic Parsley Butter Shrimp

Prawns taste absolutely yummy. According to an expert saying, adding prawn to any curry will make it delicious. We have brought a spicy and delicious curry with shrimp/ prawn as the main ingredient. You can prepare it simple over the gas over a pan. You can serve this dish with rice or chapati. You can also consider it as a starter of full course menu.

3.       Cherry Cheesecake Dip

Happy new year 2018 food items

Cherry Cheesecake Dip

Some of you are fond of sweet dishes. Let us consider a sweet dish made up of cherry fruit. This can be treated as a dessert after you have completed your dinner or lunch during the new year. You can also use it as a dip where the crunchy wafers can be dipped and taken into your mouth. Since the colour of the item is red, place it over a white colour bowl. You can garnish with some cashew nuts or pistachios.

4.       Champagne Cupcakes

Happy new year 2018 food items

Champagne Cupcakes

If you are serving the Happy new year 2018 food items, you should never forget about the kids. These cupcakes with the creamy toppings layer will always make your kids happy. This is sweet and yummy in taste. Not only kid’s even the adults will be happy to get these once they drop in at your home during the New year day.

5.       Pineapple Coconut Cocktail

Happy new year 2018 food items

Pineapple Coconut Cocktail

People would always expect some drinks during the New year party along with starters. Why don’t you make this right at home? The pineapple coconut cocktail is delicious. Normally, adults go for hard drinks during the New year party. Kids find themselves left out in such a situation. But this delicious pineapple cocktail will be for both adults as well as kids. Preparing is also very easy. You will get pineapple extracts as well as flavour right in the market. Prepare it at home and surprise your guests during the Happy new year 2018. This will be a great surprise for all of you.

Monday, 16 October 2017

Happy New Year 2018 Celebration Traditions Across The World

Happy New Year 2018 Celebration Traditions Across The World

People staying in different countries celebrate the new year in many ways. Each country has people who adopt their own custom in celebrating the day. Normally, the starts celebration from a week ago and ends after a week of the New year day. Let us find out the happy new year traditions in various countries. Even for the year 2018, the same types of custom and tradition will take place. Let us have a look at the series of happy new year celebration activities.

Happy New Year Celebration In Spain

happy new year celebration

People in Spain have the special tradition of celebrating the New year. Do you know what? They eat 12 pieces of grapes during the New Year. This is done for strokes during the midnight. This is what people staying in Spain practice to get a perfect stroke during the New Year Eve. They think that doing this will bring prosperity for the entire year. The happy new year celebration in Spain involves dance and party throughout the night

New Year 2018 Celebration In Brazil

happy new year celebration

People staying in Brazil love to celebrate the New Year in beaches. They conduct open parties with drinks and food. Rio de Janeiro is where the festive arrangements take place. happy new year celebration will be incomplete without Copacabana beach. There are few local traditions which people over there abide.  The tradition is to see jumping 7 waves. They believe that, this will bring good luck to them in the coming year.

Happy New Year Tradition In Japan

happy new year traditions

You will be surprised to know how the people in Japan celebrate the New Year. They will do the happy new year celebration by ringing bells and that too in the Buddhist temples. Do you know how many times they ring the bells? They are very particular about the fact and ring the bell for exactly 108 times. This is mostly popular in Tokyo.

New Year Celebration In Denmark

happy new year celebration

For some people or section of people, smashing things against the house of someone brings bad luck. But, the people staying in Denmark the fact is totally different. They go on clipping dishes and glasses throughout the year for the New Year Eve’s. They take those and smash it in the doors of their neighbours or relatives during this new year eve.

New Year In Scotland

happy new year traditions

The Scotland’s Capital, Edinburgh is the place of the New year’s celebration for the consecutive 3 days. The happy new year traditions include people holding torches or fire sticks. With this they create the river of fire. They make a procession that walks down through old town street. Then it will run from Parliament square to Carlton Hill. They also celebrate the 3 consecutive days with traditional dancing along with Scottish music.

You can now get more countries with non-Christian background. But, they too celebrate the day with the real zeal. The fun, frolic and entertainment are accompanied with happy new year traditions.

Happy New Year dresses trend in 2018: dress up with designer’s choice

Happy New Year dresses trend in 2018: dress up with designer’s choice

Dresses are something which people would like to get throughout the year. The office goers or people belonging to show business never wish to repeat their dresses. Thus, their wardrobe articles changes on a regular basis. With every changing weather conditions, the dress will change. The happy new year trend in dresses will keep on changing as well.  Let us find out some of the happening dresses trend for the coming year.

Top dresses trend in 2018

  1. Miu Miu Party Dress Happy New Year Trend

With the arrival of new year, you will always think of party. Why not collect attire for the new year eve. 2018 dress trend will include Miu Miu collection. This will give you a bold and rustic look. This is a party dress which is exclusively layered over the shirt. It comes with frilled style longer bow with a mix back of 50’s style coat.

  1. Balenciaga 2018 Dress Trend

The trend set up by the fashion designers are recognized and adopted by people. The happy new year trend will include Balenciaga. As you can see in the picture, the model wearing this attire have flurry top and a tight fitting lower that ends across the knees. This goes really well with the skin-tight boots that reaches till the thigh.
  1. Bridal Dress Trend

Spring is the time when most wedding takes place. You need to view the wedding dresses that will suite you during the New Year. You can see two pictures over here. One bridal dress is one shoulder off with some lovely pleats over the front portion that stripes down from one shoulder. Another one is sleeveless with flowery net transparent layer over the opaque cloth.
  1. Trendy Casual – 2018

This will be one among the casual lady’s garments collections that you will be able to see in the year 2018. This is the collection from Vogue studio. People living in cities are too casual in certain occasions. This is the happy new year trend which will suit the teenagers very well. You can go to market, college and even your friend’s home after wearing this dress. This can give you enough comfort during the springs.
  1. Nina Ricci 2018 Trend

This is the trending dress that comes with feather boat freels. This is a two-part garment with long sleeve top with freels on hand and waist portion. This is followed by a skirt at the bottom. This skirt is having an opening at the right-hand side bottom. The opening is made to help the women walk easily without any hindrance. You can try it out during the New Year. The 2018 dress trend exclusively includes this one.
You can now adopt the above-mentioned designs in you new year trend. This is quite easy to get the best collection of happy new year trend. You can also take advice from the experts who make the fashionable dresses. They will help you find out more collection on 2018 dress trend. All your friends and relatives will be spell bound to see your looks.